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Modelling and Simulation of Materials in Energy Technology (IEK-13)

What will be the focus of IEK-13?

IEK-13 Copyright: Forschungszentrum Jülich / IEK-13

IEK-13 is the freshest member of the Institute for Energy and Climate Research (IEK), which is concerned with materials and technologies for the energy transition. The vision is to establish IEK-13 as an internationally leading institute for theory, modeling and simulation of materials for emerging energy technologies, such as fuel cells, batteries or electrolysers. Within this dynamic context, the institute strives to contribute to fundamental understanding of electrochemical phenomena, development of tailor-made materials solutions and diagnostic approaches, as well as model-based evaluation and optimization of next-generation devices. The overarching goal of this theory-driven strategy is to enable a systematic and efficient exploration of the complex material and technology space. To foster this agenda, the institute will employ a seamless spectrum of methods in physical-mathematical theory, computational materials science, and continuum modeling. Research activities will encompass the range from basic physical approaches to phenomenological models, and span scales from atomic to device level.

Cooperation Strategy

IEK-13 research programs will offer ample interfaces for model evaluation by comparison to experiments, knowledge transfer to materials science laboratories, and testing and analytics of innovative materials in functional energy devices. Collaboration with experimental groups and industry will provide opportunities to transform theoretical findings into better and purpose-designed materials that are less expensive to make, more efficient during operation, and longer lasting. Overall, the programs will support the development of efficient, environmentally benign, and economically viable energy technologies. Scientific programs will be complemented by the development of a Virtual Materials Intelligence platform for the extraction, analytics, visualization and demonstration of materials properties.


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