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Energy Storage and Hydrogen

Electrolysers for Commercial Hydrogen Production

The intensive expansion of renewable energies poses great challenges. Wind power and solar energy is subject to high and rapid fluctuations – these variations, which are due to their location and the weather, must be compensated for in order to guarantee a continuous and efficient supply of an adequate amount of power. The storage of hydrogen is very important in connection with renewable energies. Hydrogen produced by means of electrolysis using energy generated from renewable sources serves as chemical storage and can be used in a variety of ways. More: Electrolysers for Commercial Hydrogen Production …

Batteries for Safe and and Cost-Effective Energy Storage

Whether the energy supply can be transformed fast depends decisively on the availability of reliable and affordable options for energy storage. Both stationary and mobile applications require large, flexible storage capacities. This results in an increasing overlap between these two areas of application – which may in future lead to a shared usage of storage systems used by the energy economy and the transport sector.

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Hand, die vier Batterien hält wie Kaffeebecher

Record-breaking energy storage

Whether it’s a smartphone, cordless screwdriver, or electric car – the mobile world relies on the lithium-ion battery. But alternatives are also being explored for "energy to go". To date, although many options are conceivable, they all have a long way to go before reaching market maturity. (effzett cover story 2 / 2015)

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