Completed Ph.D., Diploma, Bachelor and Master Theses


  1. Ophoven, Niklas
    Gamma rays induced by interactions of fission neutrons measured with the FaNGaS Instrument
    2024 (March), Ph.D. Thesis, University Cologne

  2. Shahed, Hend
    Elucidation of Barocaloric effect in spin crossover compounds
    2024 (February), Ph.D. Thesis, RWTH Aachen

  3. Schwab, Alexander
    Entwicklung und Bau eines Kryostaten für einen kompakten kryogenen Neutronenmoderator zum Betrieb bei Temperaturen unterhalb von 10 K
    2024 (January), Ph.D. Thesis, RWTH Aachen


  4. Tang, Mengying
    Study of proximity effect in YBCO/FePd heterostructures
    2023 (June), Master Thesis, RWTH Aachen

  5. Asarwi, Tala
    Nanoparticles: Agricultural applications and their role in disease management
    2023 (May), Bachelor Thesis, PTUK/Palestine

  6. Ding, Qi
    Theoretical Optimization and Experimental Validation of a Microchannel Target for a High-current Accelerator-driven Neutron Source
    2023 (May), Ph.D. Thesis, RWTH Aachen

  7. Nazzal, Shatha
    Macroscopic magnetic characterization of Mn4FeSi3 single crystal
    2023 (April), Master Thesis, Al-Quds University, Palestine


  8. Shabani, Doruntin
    Investigation of the mutual influence of multiple extraction channels for accelerator based neutron sources
    2022 (September), Master Thesis, FH Aachen - Campus Jülich

  9. Rai, Venus
    Magnetic and transport studies of the parent and Fe doped Hexagonal - Mn3Ge Weyl semimetal
    2022 (September), Ph.D. Thesis, RWTH Aachen

  10. Miniotaite, Ugne
    Transport Properties of Weyl Semimetal Mn3Sn
    2022 (June), Master Thesis, Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden

  11. Eich, Andreas
    Crystal and Magnetic Structure of CrAs under Extreme Conditions
    2022 (June), Ph.D. Thesis, RWTH Aachen

  12. Nandakumaran, Nileena
    Self-Assembly of Magnetic Dumbbell Nanoparticles Studied by Advanced Scattering Techniques
    2022 (June), Ph.D. Thesis, RWTH Aachen

  13. Xu, Yifan
    Tuning the magnetic and structural properties of Fe3O4 films grown on Nb: SrTiO3 substrates
    2022 (June) Master Thesis, RWTH Aachen

  14. Yin, Chenyang
    Tuning the physical properties of La0.7Sr0.3MnO3-delta thin films and powder via oxygen off-stoichiometry
    2022 (May) Master Thesis, RWTH Aachen

  15. Wang, Bingqing
    Voltage Control of Crystalline Structure and Non-volatile Magnetoelectric Coupling Of LSMO/PMN-PT Hetero-structure
    2022 (May) Master Thesis, RWTH Aachen

  16. Battat, Fatma
    Development of a prototype of a sustainable magnetocaloric cooling device
    2022 (March), Master Thesis, Al-Quds University, Palestine

  17. Köhler, Tobias
    Magnetization distribution in superparamagnetic iron oxide nanoparticles
    2022 (January), Ph.D. Thesis, RWTH Aachen


  18. Ait Haddouch, Mohammed
    Structure and magnetic properties of magnetocaloric Mn3Fe2Si3
    2021 (September), Ph.D. Thesis, RWTH Aachen

  19. Marzen, Maxim
     Konzeptionelle Ausarbeitung eines Analyseinstruments für neutroneninduzierte Gammastrahlung (PDF, 9 MB)
    2021 (September), Bachelor Thesis, Fachhochschule Aachen, Campus Jülich

  20. Bhatnagar-Schöffmann, Tanvi
     Resolving interface effects in voltage controlled magnetic heterostructures using advanced neutron scattering and electron microscopy methods (PDF, 59 MB)
    2021 (July), Ph.D. Thesis, RWTH Aachen

  21. Rimmler, Marius
     Development of a Multiplexer System and Measurement of the Neutron Yield for a Low-Energy Accelerator-Driven Neutron Source (PDF, 58 MB)
    2021 (June), Ph.D. Thesis, RWTH Aachen

  22. Vermeulen, Bob
     Simulation of the domain-wall structure in magnetic thin films with perpendicular anisotropy (PDF, 11 MB)
    2021 (June), Master Thesis, Université de Liège

  23. Abboushi, Nour
     Macroscopic magnetic properties and magnetocaloric effect in single crystalline Mn5Si3 and derived compounds (PDF, 4 MB)
    2021 (May), Master Thesis, Al-Quds University, Palestine

  24. Similon, Robin
    Konstruktion eines justierbaren Detektor- und Probentisches für ein Neutronenreflektometer
    2021 (April), Master Thesis, FH Aachen

  25. Schöffmann, Patrick
     Stoichiometric control and magnetoelectric coupling in artificial multiferroic heterostructures (PDF, 12 MB)
    2021 (April), Ph.D. Thesis, RWTH Aachen

  26. Payak, Varun
     Development of a Thermal-Test-Station for Target Material Investigation for the Future HBS Facilities (PDF, 25 MB)
    2021 (February), Master Thesis, FH Aachen

  27. Maraytta, Nour
     Structure and Dynamics of Magnetocaloric Materials (PDF, 3 MB)
    2021 (January), Ph.D. Thesis, RWTH Aachen


  28. Ye, Jianwei
     Determination of the Domain Structure of FePd Thin Films and Its Relation to the Magneto-Resistance Effects (PDF, 2 MB)
    2020 (December), Master Thesis, RWTH Aachen

  29. Stellhorn, Annika
     Interplay of proximity effects in superconductor/ferromagnet heterostructures (PDF, 4 MB)
    2020 (December), Ph.D. Thesis, RWTH Aachen

  30. Wang, Xiao
     Single crystal growth and neutron scattering studies of novel quantum materials (PDF, 7 MB)
    2020 (December), Ph.D. Thesis, RWTH Aachen

  31. Zhang, Hengbo
     Influence of oxygen stoichiometry onto physical properties of complex oxide thin films  (PDF, 3 MB)
    2020 (November), Master Thesis, RWTH Aachen

  32. Hammouda, Sabreen
     A quest for ferroelectricity in the intercalated compounds Lu2Fe3O7 and Lu3Fe4O10 (PDF, 4 MB)
    2020 (October), Ph.D. Thesis, RWTH Aachen

  33. Ophoven, Niklas
    Monte Carlo Simulation of the Radiation Induced Material Damage in a Tantalum Target
    2020 (October), Master Thesis, FH Aachen, Campus Jülich

  34. Qdemat, Asma
     Nanoparticle assemblies: Order by self-organization and collective magnetism (PDF, 8 MB)
    2020 (September), Ph.D. Thesis, RWTH Aachen

  35. Strothmann, Mathias
     Efficiency of a mesitylene based cold moderator system for a compact accelerator driven nNanoparticle assemblies: Order by self-organization and collective magnetism (PDF, 8 MB)
    2020 (September), Ph.D. Thesis, RWTH Aachen


  36. Ji, Wenhai
     The guided self-assembly of magnetic nanoparticles into two- and three-dimensional nanostructures using patterned substrates (PDF, 10 MB)
    2019 (December), Ph.D. Thesis, RWTH Aachen

  37. Similon, Robin
    Thermische Analyse der Wärmeflüsse eines Mesitylen-Neutronen-Moderator-Systems im kryogenen Temperaturbereich
    2019 (September), Bachelor Thesis, FH Aachen, Campus Jülich, Fachbereich 10: Energietechnik

  38. Pecanha Antonio, Viviane
     Neutron Scattering Studies of Pyrochlore Quantum Magnets (PDF, 16 MB)
    2019 (June), Ph.D. Thesis, Technische Universität München

  39. Al-Namourah, Kinan
     Synthesis, Magnetic Properties, and Crystal Structures of Magnetocaloric Materials in the System (Mn5Ge3)x(MnFe4Si3)1-x (PDF, 5 MB)
    2019 (May), Master Thesis, Al-Quds University, Palestine

  40. Cao, Lei
     Controlling structural and physical properties of epitaxial transition metal oxide films through oxygen stoichiometry (PDF, 8 MB)
    2019 (May), Ph.D. Thesis, RWTH Aachen

  41. Herrmann, Markus
     Crystal structures and vibrational properties of chalcogenides: the role of temperature and pressure (PDF, 15 MB)
    2019 (April), Ph.D. Thesis, RWTH Aachen


  42. Williamson, Hailey
     Spin- und Ladungsordnung in dem neu bewerteten Antiferromagneten YbFe2O4 (PDF, 6 MB)
    2018 (December), Ph.D. Thesis, RWTH Aachen
  43. Cattaneo, Mauricio
     Monte-Carlo-Simulation Studies on the Superspin Structure of 3D Nanoparticle Supercrystals (PDF, 6 MB)
    2018 (July) Master Thesis, RWTH Aachen
  44. Feng, Erxi
     Magnetic Order and Excitation in Frustrated Pyrochlore 5d - Transition Metal Oxides (PDF, 38 MB)
    2018 (May), Ph.D. Thesis, RWTH Aachen
  45. Biniskos, Nikolaos
     Inelastic neutron scattering on magnetocaloric compounds (PDF, 6 MB)
    2018 (May), Ph.D. Thesis, RWTH Aachen
  46. Wang, Liming
     Manipulation of magnetism in iron oxide nanoparticle / BaTiO3 composites and low-dimensional iron oxide nanoparticle arrays (PDF, 5 MB)
    2018 (March), Ph.D. Thesis, RWTH Aachen
  47. Rodrigo, Rebecca
     Präparation und Charakterisierung von Eisenoxid Nanopartikel-Monolagen (PDF, 5 MB)
    2018 (March), Bachelor Thesis, RWTH Aachen
  48. Sun, Xiao
     Magnetic Properties of Self-assembled Manganese Oxide and Iron Oxide Nanoparticles - Spin Structure and Composition (PDF, 19 MB)
    2018 (February), Ph.D. Thesis, RWTH Aachen


  49. Neidel, Johannes
     Entwicklung einer Heiz-/Kühleinheit zur Meßbereichserweiterung von Pulverproben im Guinier-Pulverdiffraktometer (PDF, 10 MB)
    2017 (October), Bachelor Thesis, FH Aachen, Campus Jülich, Fachbereich Energietechnik

  50. Müller, Thomas
     Order and disorder in the charge and spin structures of YFe2O4-∂ and Ni0.42Mn0.58TiO3 (PDF, 9 MB)
    2017 (August), Ph.D. Thesis, RWTH Aachen

  51. Maraytta, Nour
     Direct Measurements of the Magneto-Caloric Effect in Pulsed Magnetic Fields in Compounds of the Series Mn5-xFexSi3 (PDF, 4 MB)
    2017 (July), Master Thesis, Al Quds University, Palestine

  52. Waschk, Markus
     Interface phenomena in La1/3Sr2/3FeO3/La2/3Sr1/3MnO3 heterostructures and a quest for p-electron magnetism (PDF, 6 MB)
    2017 (May), Ph.D. Thesis, RWTH Aachen

  53. Li, Zikang
     Low temperature powder diffraction studies on ternary chalcogenides (PDF, 3 MB)
    2017 (May), Bachelor Thesis, FH Aachen, Campus Jülich

  54. Schöffmann, Patrick
     Preparation and Characterisation of Thin SrCoOx Films (PDF, 4 MB)
    2017 (April), Master Thesis, TU Munich

  55. Alexeev, Pavel
     Nuclear Resonance Scattering Study of Iridates, Iridium and Antimony Based Pyrochlores (PDF, 4 MB)
    2017 (February), Ph.D. Thesis, University of Hamburg


  56. Li, Yun Yvonna
     Radiation Transport in a Mosaic Crystal: Numerical Solution Based on Spectral Collocation Method (PDF, 3 MB)
    2016 (December), Master Thesis, TU Munich

  57. Wilbs, Genevieve
     Magnetic Proximity Effects in Nanoparticle Composite Systems and Macrocrystals (PDF, 28 MB)
    2016 (November), Ph.D. Thesis, RWTH Aachen

  58. Jafari, Atefeh
     Sapphire Ultraoptics for Sub-meV 121Sb and 125Te Phonon Spectroscopy (PDF, 9 MB)
    2016 (November), Ph.D. Thesis, Université de Liège

  59. Thakuria, Pankaj
     Magnetic structure in relation to the magnetic field induced ferroelectricity in Y-type hexaferrite Ba2-xSrxZn2Fe12O22 (PDF, 4 MB)
    2016 (September), Ph.D. Thesis, RWTH Aachen

  60. Guo, Jingdong
     Dielectric Properties measurement setup and ferroelectric properties of multiferroic Metal-Organic-Frameworks(MOFs) with perovskite architecture (PDF, 2 MB)
    2016 (August), Bachelor Thesis, FH Aachen, Campus Jülich

  61. Zong, Hang
     Magnetic Characterization of Powder Samples from the Magnetocaloric compound Series Mn5-xFexSi3 (PDF, 2 MB)
    2016 (August), Bachelor Thesis, FH Aachen, Elektrotechnik

  62. Abuladze, Grigol
     Interplay between Magnetic and Superconducting Layers in Thin Film Heterostructures (PDF, 2 MB)
    2016 (July), Master Thesis, Georgian Technical University 

  63. Mörstedt, Timm
    Magnetische und Elektrische Eigenschaften selbstorganisierter Nanopartikel
    2016 (July) Bachelor Thesis, RWTH Aachen
  64. Cüppers, Tobias
     Strukturelle Analyse von selbstorganisierenden, magnetischen Makrokristallen (PDF, 67 MB)
    2016 (June), Bachelor Thesis, Fachhochschule Aachen, Campus Jülich

  65. Herzkamp, Matthias
     Simulation and Optimization of a Position Sensitive Scintillation Detector with Wavelength Shifting Fibers for Thermal Neutrons (PDF, 5 MB)
    2016 (June) Ph.D., RWTH Aachen

  66. Awadallah, Ahmed
     Absicherung eines Vierkreis-Röntgen-Diffraktometers und Charakterisierung der grundlegenden Detektoreigenschaften (PDF, 22 MB)
    2016 (May), Bachelor Thesis, Hochschule Koblenz

  67. Steffen, Alexandra
     Self-purifying La2/3Sr1/3MnO3 epitaxial films: Observation of surface precipitation of Mn3O4 particles for excess Mn ratios (PDF, 62 MB)
    2016 (April) Ph.D., RWTH Aachen


  68. Smik, Michael
     Structure and Magnetism of Self-Organized 3d-Nanoparticle Supercrystals (PDF, 2 MB)
    2015 (September), Master Thesis, RWTH Aachen

  69. Schmitz, Markus
     Strain and electric field mediated manipulation of magnetism in La(1-x)SrxMnO3/BaTiO3 heterostructures (PDF, 20 MB)
    2015 (August) Ph.D., RWTH Aachen

  70. Fink, Justus
    Herstellung und Charakterisierung von 3D-Superkristallen aus magnetischen Nanopartikeln
    2015 (July), Bachelor Thesis, RWTH Aachen

  71. Zakalek, Paul
     Magnetic Interface Effects in Thin Film Heterostructures (PDF, 10 MB)
    2015 (June) Ph.D., RWTH Aachen

  72. Reim, Johannes
    Magnetic order and spin dynamics in the extended kagome system CaBaCo2Fe2O7
    2015 (May) Ph.D., RWTH Aachen

  73. Qdemat, Asmaa (née Alhroob)
     Ordering Phenomena in Magnetic Nanoparticle Assemblies (PDF, 6 MB)
    2015 (May), Master's Thesis
    Al-Quds University, Palestine

  74. Hammouda, Sabreen
     Effect of Rare Earth Ion Size on Ordering Processes in Rare Earth Ferrites RFe2O4 by R=LuxY1-xFe2O4 Substitution Study (PDF, 4 MB)
    2015 (May), Master's Thesis
    Al-Quds University, Palestine

  75. Simon, Ronnie
     Lattice dynamics in antimony and tellurium based phase-change materials (PDF, 758 kB)
    2015 (January) Ph.D., Université de Liège


  76. Adiga, Shilpa
     Crystal growth and scattering studies on two ferrites (PDF, 7 MB)
    2014 (December) RWTH Aachen

  77. Maswada, Mohammed
     Structural Stability of Magnetocaloric Mn4FeSi3 under High-Pressure (PDF, 3 MB)
    2014 (December), Master's Thesis

    Al-Quds University, Palestine

  78. Herlitschke, Marcus
     Lattice dynamics and magnetic properties in selected functional iron compounds (PDF, 2 MB)
    2014 (November) Ph.D., Université de Liège

  79. Qiu, Yue
     The elastic properties of MnFe4Si3 and Mn4FeSi3 measured with Resonant Ultrasound Spectroscopy (PDF, 2 MB)
    2014 (October), Bachelor Thesis, FH Aachen, Campus Jülich

  80. Zheng, Ying
     Structuring and Depth Profiling with an Argon Ion Gun (PDF, 10 MB)
    2014 (October), Bachelor Thesis, FH Aachen, Campus Jülich

  81. Cheng, Ye
     Thermal behaviour of lattice parameter in compounds of the series Mn5-xFexSi3 (PDF, 2 MB)
    2014 (September), Bachelor Thesis, FH Aachen

  82. Deng, Fangtian
     Microstructure and elastic constants of a martensitic steel applied in the very high cycle fatigue region (PDF, 4 MB)
    2014 (September), Master Thesis, RWTH Aachen

  83. Außen, Stephan
     Augerelektronenspektroskopie zur elementspezifischen Oberflächenanalyse (PDF, 9 MB)
    2014 (September), Bachelor Thesis, FH Aachen, Campus Jülich

  84. Hemme, Vanessa
     Phasenumwandlungen in magnetischen Eisenoxid-Nanopartikeln durch Sauerstoff-Plasmabehandlung (PDF, 18 MB)
    2014 (August), Bachelor Thesis, FH Münster

  85. Hirte, Katja
     Optimierung der strukturellen Eigenschaften von gesputterten BaTiO3-Schichten (PDF, 169 MB)
    2014 (August), Bachelor Thesis, FH Aachen

  86. Shymanskaya, Aliaksandra
     Resonante Ultraschallspektroskopie zur Bestimmung der elastischen Konstanten von unterschiedlichen Nanokompositen in einem Temperaturbereich von 5 bis 800 K (PDF, 3 MB)
    2014 (July), Bachelor Thesis, Universität Bonn

  87. Esser, Stephan
     Entwicklung von Abläufen für die Qualitätsbewertung und den Qualitätsvergleich von kommerziellen Strontiumtitanat Substraten (PDF, 24 MB)
    2014 (February), Bachelor Thesis, FH Aachen, Jülich Campus

  88. Hering, Paul
     Studium des Magnetokalorischen Effekts in MnFe4Si3 (PDF, 7 MB)
    2014 (January), Diploma Thesis, RWTH Aachen

  89. Chen, Tao
     Temperature Dependent Elastic Constants of Silicides investigated using Resonant Ultrasound Spectroscopy (PDF, 1 MB)
    2014 (January), Bachelor Thesis, FH Aachen, Jülich Campus

  90. Josten, Elisabeth
    Long range order in 3d nanoparticle assemblies
    2014 (January) Ph.D., RWTH Aachen


  91. Wilbs, Genevieve
     Magnetische Eigenschaften von selbst-organisierten Nanomaterialien (PDF, 20 MB)
    2013 (September), Master Thesis, Universität Duisburg-Essen

  92. Sun, Xiao
     Magnetic Properties of FePt/MnO heterodimer nanoparticles (PDF, 10 MB)
    2013 (September), Diploma Thesis, Universität Bochum

  93. Thiem, Jonas
     Struktur, thermische Ausdehnung und magnetische Eigenschaften von ternären Fluoridverbindungen (PDF, 40 MB)
    2013 (September), Bachelor Thesis, FH Aachen

  94. Janaschke, Sven
     Steuerungstechnische Realisierung eines Fächerchoppersystems (PDF, 35 MB)
    2013 (September), Bachelor Thesis, FH Aachen

  95. Röhrig, Wilbert
     Untersuchung von Europiumzirkonaten mit Mößbauerspektroskopie (PDF, 4 MB)
    2013 (August), Bachelor Thesis, RWTH Aachen

  96. Pfister, Christian
     Struktur und Magnetismus von magnetischen Nanopartikeln (PDF, 1 MB)
    2013 (July) Bachelor Thesis, RWTH Aachen

  97. Könen, Thomas
     Aufbau eines Hochpräzisionsdilatometers (PDF, 3 MB)
    2013 (May), Bachelor Thesis, FH Aachen

  98. Price, Stephen
     Interplay between Magnetism and Superconductivity in Iron Based High Temperature Superconductors (PDF, 26 MB)
    2013 (March) Ph.D., RWTH Aachen

  99. Claudio Weber, Tania
     Lattice Dynamics of Nanostructured Thermoelectric Materials (PDF, 29 MB)
    2013 (February) Ph.D., Universitè de Liège

  100. Huang, Guangcheng
     Hard- und Softwareintegration eines He-Kryostaten in einen Aufbau für magneto-optische Messungen (PDF, 3 MB)
    2013 (February), Bachelor Thesis, FH Aachen

  101. Williamson, Hailey
     Magnetic and Charge Order in LuFe2O4 and YbFe2O4 Multiferroics (PDF, 12 MB)
    2013 (January), Master Thesis, University of Warwick


  102. Gottschlich, Michael
     Structure, magnetism and excitations in some Mn-based magnetocaloric effect compounds (PDF, 24 MB)
    2012 (September) Ph.D., RWTH Aachen

  103. Bauer Pereira, Paula
     Structure and Lattice Dynamics of Thermoelectric Complex Chalcogenides (PDF, 7 MB)
    2012 (September) Ph.D., Université de Liège

  104. Bessas, Dimitrios
     Structure and Lattice Dynamics of Bismuth Telluride Nanostructures (PDF, 10 MB)
    2012 (August) Ph.D., Université de Liège

  105. Müller, Thomas
     Charge and spin order in highly stoichiometric YFe2O4-δ single crystals (PDF, 23 MB)
    2012 (June), Diploma Thesis, RWTH Aachen

  106. Breuer, Thomas
     Gemischt valente Orthoferrite La1/3Sr2/3FeO3: Targetpräparation für Dünnfilme und Bestimmung der Ordnungsphänomene (PDF, 9 MB)
    2012 (June), Diploma Thesis, RWTH Aachen

  107. Waschk, Markus
     Struktur und Magnetismus in epitaktisch gewachsenen LaMnO3/SrMnO3 Dünnschichtsystemen (PDF, 9 MB)
    2012 (June), Diploma Thesis, RWTH Aachen

  108. de Groot, Joost
     Charge, spin and orbital order in the candidate multiferroic material LuFe2O4 (PDF, 9 MB)
    2012 (March) Ph.D., RWTH Aachen

  109. Schumacher, Daniel
     Interplay between magnetic and dielectric phenomena at transition metal oxide interfaces (PDF, 11 MB)
    2012 (March) Ph.D., RWTH Aachen

  110. Chogondahalli Muniraju, Naveen Kumar
     Crystal and spin structure and their relation to physical properties in some geometrical and spin spiral multiferroics (PDF, 15 MB)
    2012 (January) Ph.D., RWTH Aachen

  111. Klapper, Alice
     Einfluß äußerer Felder auf das Wachstum von Mesokristallen aus FePt@MnO-Nanodimeren (PDF, 17 MB)
    2012 (January), Diploma Thesis, RWTH Aachen


  112. Fu, Zhendong
     Spin Correlations and Exitations in In-frustrated Molecular and Molecule-Based Magnets (PDF, 22 MB)
    2011 (November) Ph.D., RWTH Aachen

  113. Cui, Hangjian
     Control and operation of an Imageplate‐Scanner for X‐ray diffraction (PDF, 2 MB)
    2011 (October) Bachelor Thesis, FH Aachen

  114. Glavic, Artur
     Multiferroicity in oxide thin films and heterostructures (PDF, 25 MB)
    2011 (October) Ph.D., RWTH Aachen

  115. Gallus, Jens
     Lattice Dynamics in the SnSb2Te4 Phase Change Material (PDF, 6 MB)
    2011 (Oktober), Diploma Thesis, RWTH Aachen

  116. Reim, Johannes
     Spindynamik im Schwedenborgit CaBaCo2Fe2O7: Untersuchung mit Neutronenstreuung und Spinwellentheorie (PDF, 20 MB) 2011 (August), Diploma Thesis, RWTH Aachen

  117. Steffen, Alexandra
    Herstellung und Charakterisierung von dünnen La2/3Sr1/3MnO3/(Sr/Ba)TiO3-Mehrfachschichten in Hinblick auf „Exchange Bias“
    2011 (July) Diploma Thesis, RWTH Aachen

  118. Schmitz, Markus
     Mesoskopische magnetische Struktur und konkurrierende Anisotropien in lateral strukturierten Fe/Cr-Schichtsystemen (PDF, 6 MB)
    2011 (July) Diploma Thesis, RWTH Aachen

  119. Houben, Anne (née Möchel)
     Lattice dynamics in thermoelectric Zintl phases (PDF, 5 MB)
    2011 (June) Ph.D., Université de Liège

  120. Rosén, Erik
     Magnetische Eigenschaften und Spinkorrelationen in Co und Fe basierten Swedenborgit-Kristallen (PDF, 10 MB)
    2011 (January) Diploma Thesis, RWTH Aachen


  121. Disch, Sabrina
     The spin structure of magnetic nanoparticles and in magnetic nanostructures (PDF, 20 MB)
    2010 (July) Ph.D., RWTH Aachen

  122. Zakalek, Paul
     Magnetische Grenzflächenphänomene in Eisen-Palladium-Vielfachschichtsystemen (PDF, 12 MB)
    2010 (June) Diploma Thesis, RWTH Aachen

  123. Pfuhl, Esther
     Magnetische Ordnungsphänomene in Er|Tb Schichtsystemen (PDF, 20 MB)
    2010 (February) Diploma Thesis, RWTH Aachen


  124. Meyer, Mathias
     Strukturelle Charakterisierung von Polymer-beschichteten SiO2-Nanopartikeln in Lösungmittels Kleinwinkel-Streuung (PDF, 17 MB)
    2009 (September) Diploma Thesis, RWTH Aachen

  125. Josten, Elisabeth
     Magnetische Korrelationen in lateral strukturierten Fe/Cr-Schichtsystemen (PDF, 4 MB)
    2009 (August) Diploma Thesis, University Bonn


  126. Schumacher, Daniel
     2-Dimensionaler Magnetismus von Eisen-Monolagen in Palladium (PDF, 7 MB)
    2008 (September) Diploma Thesis, RWTH Aachen

  127. de Groot, Joost
     Strukturelle und magnetische Ordnung von multiferroischem TbMnO3 Untersuchungen in Einkristallen und in Dünnschichten (PDF, 11 MB)
    2008 (April) Diploma Thesis, RWTH Aachen

  128. Glavic, Artur
     Interferenzlithograe zur Erzeugung magnetischer Nanostrukturen: Von der lateralen Strukturierung bis zur Untersuchung der magnetischen Eigenschaften (PDF, 14 MB)
    2008 (March) Diploma Thesis, RWTH Aachen

  129. Houben, Anne (née Möchel)
     Magnetische Struktur und Anregungen von SEMnO3 Multiferroika (SE=Gd,Tb) (PDF, 9 MB)
    2008 (February) Diploma Thesis, University Bonn

  130. Li, Haifeng
     Synthesis of CMR manganites and ordering phenomena in complex transition metal oxides (PDF, 7 MB)
    2008 (January) Ph.D. Materials Science, RWTH Aachen

  131. Korolkov, Denis
    Structural analysis of diblock copolymer nanotemplates using grazing incidence scattering
    2008 (January) Ph.D. Physics, RWTH Aachen


  132. Sanders, Yvonne
     Magnetische Korrelationen in frustrierten RBaCo4-nXnO7-Kobaltaten (PDF, 1 MB)
    2007 (June) Diploma Physics

  133. Feygenson, Mikhail
    Magnetic and structural properties of thin films and nanoparticles studied by scattering methods
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  134. Zacherle, Tobias
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